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The Ecological Database of the British Isles has been constructed from a wide variety of sources by Dr Helen Peat and Professor Alastair Fitter at the University of York, with financial support from the British Ecological Society and the Natural Environment Research Council. It consists of data on 3842 species of higher plants that occur in the British Isles, together with the bibliography of sources. This version has been produced by Dr Henry Ford.

The data comprises information on taxonomy (family, genus, specific name, authority, and vernacular name, together with a synonomy), a suite of over 130 ecological and morphological characteristics, vice-county distribution in Britain, European distribution by country, mycorrhizal associations, associated phytophagous insects and fungi. The data are obtained from the literature and therefore coverage varies greatly between species. The data set is therefore incomplete.

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The current version is being continually updated and users are encouraged to submit data. The species list now has over 1800 aliens for which we have data from the English Nature Audit of Alien Species. Some 200 of these taxa have data in the ecological characteristics table and we will be adding to this table as resources permit. The ecological characteristics table includes 33,000 records from the PLANTATT dataset, (M.O. Hill), covering 1637 of the species (including all the native taxa). Many species have had their datasets updated from the Biological Flora papers in the Journal of Ecology. The UK distribution for all species provides direct links to the NBN Gateway Distribution Maps. The associated fungi and insect tables have been updated (3200 fungi and 3,900 insects). The Millennium Seed Bank, Kew, have kindly allowed us to incorporate their germination data for British native plants which is appended to the ecological characteristics results for each species. Descriptions have been added for all the native and established alien plants in the database and descriptions of the less commmon aliens are being added. Photographs are being added regularly, and direct links to Kew Herbarium specimens (the links are being added) BSBI Herbarium Online and Google Images have been made not only for the plants species but also for the insect and fungal species in the database. We are not responsible however for the data in these external sources, so use the data carefuly.

A glossary of botanical terms